Here at AdPlex Media we deliver cutting edge online advertising solutions to leading brand and performance advertisers. Whether you want to elevate brand awareness or to drive conversions, AdPlex has the perfect tailor-made solution for you.


We have more than 10 years’ experience of working with successful independent publishers and we can get your message across to their audiences. We know how to interact with the trend-setters in these communities and we will blend the right variety of creative ad units with the ultimate targeting techniques. In short, we will bring your message to life and capture your new audience.

We can help you break through that all-pervasive online clutter. We use sophisticated targeting techniques which reach out and engage YOUR new consumers.
We have a fully comprehensive set of targeting tools which can connect you directly to the exact market you need to target..

It makes no difference whether you're driving CTR or running CPM; everyone wants better performance. We can do that. Our optimization team will put your campaign into high gear by connecting the dots between placement and performance.

We don’t just accept sites into our network; we actively recruit them. So you can be sure that we will find the sites that connect you to your ideal audience. We have exclusive access to some of the best impressions on the web, including top 500 comScore and Alexa sites

We have dedicated account management teams which proactively monitor your campaign. They work hard so that your adverts are placed on the sites that will perform best for you.
Our people are the reason we’ve run thousands of campaigns that exceeded client expectations.